SavvyCard Launches with Florida Funders

Florida FundersSavvyCard is excited to announce that we’re now among the first companies to open an investment offering through Florida Funders, an online venture capital portal aimed at increasing access to capital by startups in Florida. We’ve featured co-founder Dave Chitester writing about starting Florida Funders, and we’re excited to be a part of getting things rolling. I’ve often talked about the challenges of finding capital in Florida, and I hope we can help Florida Funders make it easier for projects like ours to get traction, and in turn, lift the entire regional economy.

Accredited investors can view our offering (along with an offering from Carvoyant, with others coming soon) by registering at and navigating to offerings in Tampa Bay. We are very close to closing a bridge funding round, and have made a small portion of this exclusively available through Florida Funders. We’re excited to see what Florida Funders can do for us, and we think this is a great opportunity for investors to get involved in SavvyCard while supporting development in the Florida startup ecosystem as a whole.


David Etheredge


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