SavvyCard at NAR 2015

If you follow SavvyCard’s Social Media pages, you’ll undoubtedly know that we were an exhibitor at the recent National Association of REALTORS® 2015 Conference and Expo in beautiful San Diego, CA.

San Diego City Skyline

Even though the NAR Conference & Expo itself was a blast, being in the beautiful city of San Diego made the event that much more enjoyable.

Besides being the place where “It’s your time to shine”, SavvyCard exhibited at NAR 2015 for a number of important reasons:

1) Our Users
First, we love being out in public and interacting face-to-face with our awesome users. As a customer driven company, learning what people love – and don’t love – about our product is paramount to improving and evolving the product to better meet customer needs. We met Savvy People from all over the country who gave us great feedback on what features are most useful and what added features would help make our system even better. To our delight, many SavvyCard users saw our booth, ran up to it, and then proudly showed members of our staff their customized SavvyCard and explained what they loved about using it.

SavvyCard staff explain new SavvyCard features to a current SavvyCard user.

A steady stream of fans stopped by the SavvyCard booth during the 4 days of the NAR 2015 expo.

One super-successful agent had customized her card with graphics representing the different ways she was unique from other agents. She used her SavvyCard as a landing page for all her online and print marketing (for both buyers and sellers alike). She said she loved using it this way because the built-in analytics makes it easy for her to see how well her marketing and messaging are working and help her spend her marketing dollars more wisely.

Surprisingly, some of the REALTORS® we met who love using their SavvyCards were not members of Associations or MLSs with whom we have agreements. These REALTORS® did not have built-in MLS search on their cards and instead were using our free product with no REALTOR® specific functionality. Still, they found the personal branding, referral marketing and share analytics power of their SavvyCards extremely useful in helping them build and manage new client relationships. That made all of us at the booth smile pretty broadly.

2) Our Current Partners
Second, we love meeting with our partners to talk about new ways to offer even more value to their members. In listening to our partners, we’ve learned that many technology solutions designed for members of associations do not fully consider the value the association provides in the relationship and often disintermediate them – purposely or not. SavvyCard has been busy addressing this issue by creating new programs, like Find Services, that reward our association (and brokerage) partners for the value they provide as the distribution channel for technologies their members – and their customers – find useful.

Deborah Boza-Valledor of MIAMI Association of REALTORS®

Deborah Boza-Valledor from MIAMI Association of REALTORS® is an enthusiastic supporter of SavvyCard and was instrumental in getting SavvyCard deployed for all 41,000+ of MIAMI’s members. She also was awarded the 2015 CIPS Instructor of the Year Award for her teaching excellence in the field of International Real Estate.

SavvyCard met with Deborah Boze-Valledor of MIAMAI Association of REALTORS®, Ann Turner and her staff from Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, Melissa Maldonado and her staff from South Metro Denver Association of REALTORS®, and Beate Jones of the REALTORS® association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach. We discussed strategies for capitalizing on business and marketing opportunities, upcoming improvements and feature enhancements to the SavvyCard platform, and how these improvements will enable Associations to earn more per member annually and provide better agent recruitment and retention tools.

3) Our Future Partners
In addition to current partners, SavvyCard met with a number of prospective partners to discuss new business opportunities. These included a number of well-know real estate technology companies as well as large associations and brokerages throughout the country. We adore talking to new people: with fresh perspectives, we improve our understanding of the real estate industry and as a result, often come up with exciting ideas for improvements and innovations.

SavvyCard Executives talk with Association Executives in a Busy NAR 2015 SavvyCard Booth.

Our CEO David Etheredge (back left at table) with our Association Sales expert Brenda Carnegie (at left with back to camera) talk with 2 members of an association interested in deploying the SavvyCard solution for their members.

If You Missed Us, Reach Out to Us
If you didn’t get a chance to meet with us at NAR this year, and would like to arrange a one-to-one phone call or meeting with one of our executives, please feel free to contact them directly. You can get through to any of them by accessing our online NAR 2015 Info Kit, tapping “members” and then selecting the person you want to reach.

Searches are now functional – thank you for your patience!

Both Cardfinder and Member Directory searches are now functioning again. (Woohoo!)

If, during use of your SavvyCard, you notice an anomaly in the behavior of the system, click on the “Feedback” link at the very bottom of the SavvyCard you’re using and report the issue to SavvyCard. Alternatively, you can call SavvyCard customer service at (727) 502-6012 to chat live with one of our helpful Customer Advocates.

Searches are down temporarily while we perform system upgrades.

CardFinder searches and Membership Directory searches are temporarily down as of 11:30am EST, August 21st 2015 while we upgrade SavvyCard’s search functionality. We apologize for any inconvenience. Estimated down time is less than an hour.

To keep up with the latest SavvyCard news and information, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@SavvyCard) and like us on Facebook (

SavvyRecipe for Success™ #8: Close Business Faster

If you are a REALTOR®, the convenience of using SavvyCard® as a “hub” for all your vendor partner contact info (and for your go-to real estate tools) is high, and using it in this way significantly improves the speed (and ease) of doing business on a day-to-day basis, because everything is at your fingertips, even on the go.

This is especially true when navigating the close of a sale, where getting in touch with vendors in a timely manner can save a sale form falling apart because of missed deadlines, miscommunication, and the myriad of other things that can go wrong when many people are trying to coordinate their workflow and schedules in a compressed time period.

Here are 3 simple tips for using SavvyCard to close your business faster:

1. Add your favorite tools and online Real Estate sites to your “My Sites” button.
This way they will be available to you no matter where you are. Your customers can also access this information and see the types of resources you use.

2. Add all your vendor partners to your “Recommend” button.
If they have a SavvyCard, link to them. If they do not, link to their website, Facebook page, Linked in Page or other page where people can contact them or have a conversation with them.

3. Add contact information for office managers and other realtors you frequently work with to your “Notes” button.
This information is visible only to you, not your customers, so you don’t run the risk of losing customers to other realtors you have listed here.


That’s all there is to it! Using your SavvyCard as a communications hub to quickly and easily access all of your favorite vendor partners, online tools, and online information resources will improve the speed and efficiency by which you can get your business closed.

If you have any questions, just reach out to our super-friendly customer advocates at (727) 502-6012 or text “training” to 72889.

-Team SavvyCard


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SavvyRecipe for Success™ #7: Protect Your Customer Relationships by Empowering Your Customers

Let’s be frank: it sucks losing clients. If you’re a REALTOR®, it’s even more painful, because you don’t get paid unless they stay with you to the very end. Luckily, you can protect your customer relationships by empowering your customers to take control of their home search, all without cutting you out of the loop or losing them to other REALTORS®.

Why use SavvyCard® to Empower Your Customers?

Chances are, if you’re the average REALTOR®, you’ve lost a client because they used a 3rd party app to search for properties and then called a different agent who showed up as part of that search. Sometimes buyers, not understanding that all realtors have access to the MLS to search for homes, think that another source (like a competing brokerage, agent, or internet player like Zillow) might have “better” or additional homes for them to view.

Because searches done with your SavvyCard’s speedy and easy to use MLS search appends only YOUR contact information to ALL results, you can provide a better search experience for your customers and protect your relationship with them – at the same time.

Follow these 6 simple steps to empower your customers and protect your relationship:

1. Launch and share your SavvyCard with your customer.
For a refresher, see Sharing Your SavvyCard via Email and Text on our blog.

2. Show your customer how to save your SavvyCard so they can always get to it quickly and easily.
For a refresher, see Saving Your SavvyCard on our blog.

3. Show your customers how to find homes using the integrated MLS search.
Be sure to point out the following key points in searching:

  • Only basic search criteria is shown by default; click the More Options button to see additional search criteria.
  • GPS search is the best way to find available homes in a neighborhood that catches their eye.
  • If you or your brokerage have upgraded to SavvyCard for Agents™ Pro, be sure to show them the difference between searching your featured listings and doing a full MLS search.


4. Show your customers how to request additional information or a showing on a selected property.
Your customers can request additional information or a showing of a property just by filling out and submitting the super short form at the bottom of any Listings Detail page.


5. Show your customers how to find service providers and affiliates that you recommend.
This gives them a reason to come back to you again and again in the future, even after your sale has closed, and strengthens your relationship over time. If you need assistance populating your Recommend button, reach out to our customer advocates at (727) 502-6012 for a quick lesson.

6. Finally, be sure to show your customers how to share your SavvyCard with their friends and acquaintances.
Once they see how powerful the tool you have provided them is, they will be eager to share it with their friends and anyone they meet who is thinking of buying or selling a home.

recipe7pro_customer shareThat’s all there is to it! Empowering your customer gives them the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their own home buying destiny, and secures your relationship with them.

Questions? Call Us!

If you have any questions, just reach out to our super-friendly customer advocates at (727) 502-6012 or text “training” to 72889.

-Team SavvyCard


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SavvyRecipe for Success™ #6: Win More Listings with Your SavvyCard®

Looking for a way to win more listings? SavvyCard Recipe for Success™ #6 will help you do just that, and make you more money in the process!

Why use SavvyCard to help win listings?

Winning listings is the key activity in making money in real estate. At its heart, real estate is a numbers game. The more people you reach out to, the more opportunities you have to set listing appointments. The more listing appointments you get, the more listings you win. The more listings you win, the more homes you sell. The more homes you sell, the more money you make. But it all comes back to winning listings!

Winning more listings is about reaching out to prospective sellers and then differentiating yourself; they want to know why they should list their home with you and how you are going to service them better than the competition.

Showing your prospective seller your SavvyCard for Agents™ and Property SavvyCards mobile web apps and then explaining how you’ll use them to market and sell their home demonstrates you are a technologically savvy agent with the right modern tools for helping them achieve their goals.

Follow these 4 simple steps to find more sellers and convince them to list with you:

1. The first step in winning listings is to reach out to new prospects and make listing appointments.

Share your SavvyCard to people who live in areas where you want to win listings. You can use a mail client like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, with a link to your SavvyCard and include a message such as, “Contact me for a complimentary report on your home’s market value!” to reach out to new prospects. (Check out this SavvyCard blog post for instructions on Sharing Your SavvyCard.)


2. At your listing appointments, show your SavvyCard to your prospective seller and explain how you use your SavvyCard to sell homes faster by reaching more buyers.

Tell them all the different ways you share your SavvyCard to homebuyers: “I connect with more buyers because I share my SavvyCard by email and text to everyone I meet, and I share it through social media, reaching more potential clients through my friends and contacts.”

3. If you or your brokerage upgrade to SavvyCard for Agents™ Pro, you can show sample Property SavvyCards to your prospective seller and explain how you use Property SavvyCards to sell homes faster.

Tell them all the different ways you share your Property SavvyCards to homebuyers: “I use Property SavvyCards to share all my listings with potential buyers through email or text, on outdoor signage, in all my print advertising and through all my social media channels!”

Female Hand Showing Two Different Smart Phone Blank Screen

4. You can purchase SavvyCodes™, and show how you have integrated them with traditional marketing channels.

Tell them all the different ways you use SavvyCodes to sell your listings faster: “I use SavvyCodes to share all my listings with potential buyers through all my advertising opportunities, such as outdoor signage, flyers and print advertising.”


That’s all there is to it! Once your prospective seller sees all you are going to do for them with SavvyCard, you have upped the chances they’ll decide to work with you instead of another agent or decide to sell their house now instead of the future. If you have any questions on this process, just reach out to our super-friendly Customer Advocates at (727) 502-6012 or text TRAINING to 72889 to schedule your FREE, one-to-one training.

You’re getting savvier by the day, my friend!

– Team SavvyCard


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Content is Key

Build stories to sell residential properties

It is becoming more evident in an increasingly crowded real estate market that branding is the best way to stand out from the pack. In the recent article “Playbook: How Content Marketing Solves A Real Problem for Real Estate”, Forbes discusses the importance of content for real estate agents by branding yourself and your listings. “How do you generate the interest, which becomes a lead, which becomes a client, which becomes a return client, which leads to a referral? The answer is very simple: Content. More specifically, great visual, thoughtful, human-centered content–and lots of it.”

Given the personal nature of the residential market, maintaining relationships and nurturing referrals is key to moving properties and gaining customers. You are not simply selling a house, you are providing a home.

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of New House.

Here are some suggestions of effective ways to create and deliver your content:

Words give life to an image

Shaping words to complement images is an effective way for buyers to fall in love with your property. Many residential real estate agents utilize staging techniques to allow buyers to envision homes as their own. Providing supporting copy allows your audience to feel as though they are in the room, and not just looking at it on a screen or a sheet of paper.

Transform visualization into an experience

Note aspects of the home that are unique or tell a story – such as crown moldings, vintage fixtures, built in cabinetry, and display places for treasured family mementos. This is also the base of a terrific script for open houses and walk-throughs. Offer ideas and suggestions on how to utilize the space:

  • Living rooms with fireplaces offer a place to gather.
  • Bedrooms can become private sanctuaries with garden views.
  • A wall of cabinets is now the ultimate in storage solutions.
  • A deck becomes a spot for reading in the sun, or an intimate spot for morning coffee, or romantic nightcap.
  • A patio and yard transforms into ‘the place to be’ for outdoor dining and entertaining.
  • A detached studio can suggest a place for creating arts & crafts, an awesome man cave, a home gym without distractions, a quiet home office, or even a guest cottage for overnight visitors.

Trends and community spark conversations on Social Media.

Stay on top of seasonal home design trends, and use them as topics for discussion. For example, hardwood floors with a dark, rich stain are very popular right now. A fashionable as well as functional solution – it can hide inconsistencies in the wood, and enhance the presence of floor coverings, while giving an extra pop to light and colorful furnishings. Craft your social media as questions and discussions around upcoming seasonal color and décor.

Community impact is also a great way to spark a conversation. In drought-stricken areas like the Southwest, a big selling point right now is native, drought resistant landscaping and drip irrigation. Ways to save water and energy such as energy efficient appliances, updated storm drains, solar paneling, and low flow toilets are great ways to spark opinions and interactions. Highlighting neighborhood schools, charity events and local businesses can facilitate conversation and grow goodwill (and even referrals!) in places where your buyers are looking to become a part of the community.

This strategy creates a conversation about what the buyer is looking for, the kind of home they envision and makes the whole process more personal. That can be the difference between selling a house and providing a home to your customers, while building an excellent avenue to continue connections and create more referrals.

Here are the benefits an approach like this can provide:

  1. Demonstrate you are an expert in your field. Understanding the needs of the marketplace suggests they are getting quality and value from your professional services.
  2. Be an excellent avenue of referral to your service partners – interior designers, painters, landscapers, etc. Nurturing relationships and referrals from your recommended providers is easily fruitful.
  3. Show you are invested in the community. Supporting the local businesses, events and institutions can result in fertile leads and a nice boost to your profile and reputation.

Content delivery can be easily managed with networking tools like SavvyCard®. The interface makes it simple to share postings with several social media platforms. Agent and Property SavvyCards™ even offer places for written content that is easy to add, edit and deliver via profiles and feature listings. Sharing SavvyCards in social media postings and blogs gives your audience the perfect way to engage with you directly, while the Analytics page allows you to track user engagement and referrals.

genericupgradedcard(Custom) (1) (1)

SavvyCard for Agents™ Pro with direct access to contact information and MLS listings

Creative avenues to engage your audience while personalizing your brand and properties is the most effective and cost efficient way to get ahead of the curve in a competitive real estate market! For more information on delivering powerful content for your real estate listings via SavvyCard, contact us today at (727) 502-6012.

SavvyRecipe for Success™ #5 : Find Listings Faster and Easier with Your SavvyCard for Agents™ Mobile Web App

Looking for a faster, more efficient way to find and share your MLS listings with your customers? We have you covered!

In this SavvyCard Recipe for Success, we are going to show you how to find listings faster and easier than you can with your native MLS app. You’ll be amazed how awesome your SavvyCard®  is at helping you – and your customers! – find the perfect listing. Ready? Then let’s go!

Why use SavvyCard to search MLS listings?

You probably use an MLS search app that was created by your MLS to access their data, and that’s a great tool for accessing REALTOR® – only information when you’re on the go. But when you need to do a quick MLS property search to find property basics, and more importantly, when you want to give your customers the ability to do quick searches (and point them to your listings in particular), SavvyCard is the better option!

ANY search done through your SavvyCard appends only YOUR contact information to the property search results, so anyone doing an MLS search through your SavvyCard will only be able to contact you if they are interested in a property, even if you’re not the listing agent.



Follow these 5 simple steps to find listings quickly and easily with your SavvyCard:

  1. Find and launch your SavvyCard Mobile App on your phone or other device.
    If you need a refresher on finding your SavvyCard, check out this SavvyCard blog post for details.
  1. Tap the Share button to send your SavvyCard to your customer.
    Once your customer has your card, you can search the integrated MLS listings with your customer, in person or on the phone, showing them how responsive your SavvyCard’s MLS search is.
  1. When your customers find a property they like, have them fill out the simple form at the bottom of the listing details.
    All requests that come from a search conducted on your SavvyCard come directly to you, so you can follow up with the listing agent, make appointments, and schedule showings.
  1. When you take a customer to a showing and they like the neighborhood, but not the home itself, use the GPS-based MLS search from your SavvyCard to find matching homes nearby.
    REALTOR® Bonnie Strickland made a $2 million sale because she was able to show a client all her listings in just a few seconds, while they were standing in a driveway. (And don’t just take our word on it, view her testimonial video below).bonnievideo
  1. If you have the SavvyCard for Agents™ Pro solution instead of SavvyCard for Agents™  your search always begins with a focus on your Featured Listings: your own listings and those of your brokerage.
    In addition, you can use this list to quickly access property information in order to quickly show people what you have available.

That’s all there is to it! Quick and easy MLS search, embedded right in your SavvyCard! If you have any questions on this process, or wish to learn more about SavvyCard for Agents Pro, just reach out to our super-friendly customer advocates at (727) 502-6012 or text TRAINING to 72889 to schedule your FREE, one-to-one training today!

You’re getting savvier by the day, my friend! Stay tuned for the next SavvyRecipe for Success coming your way soon. Until next time!

-Team SavvyCard


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How SavvyCard & Referral Marketing Work Hand-in-Hand

Think about how often this happens to you: You’re at a social event and are introduced to another person by someone you mutually know. This person finds out what you do and says, “Oh hey, I need your service,” or “Oh hey, I need your product.” You hand them your business card and they promise to call you tomorrow, then you never hear from them again. (Or at least you don’t think anyone in your company has heard from them – you really can’t be sure.)

Sound familiar?

It should. The average business gets 80% of their new clients and sales through personal referrals. It doesn’t matter what type of industry you’re talking about, personal referrals drive the bulk of new business. And yet, the entire process of facilitating and tracking word-of-mouth referrals is still pretty much where it was 100 years ago: paper cards, written correspondence and people’s memories. Even with the Internet, email and contact management tools like Constant Contact or SalesForce, most companies are still staring into a black hole when they try to understand what happens to business cards – or any other collateral they create – after the initial hand off is completed. It makes evaluating the ROI for those materials – or for the events at which they were distributed – extremely difficult.

As the owner and president of Seibert Insurance, an independent insurance agency in the Tampa Bay area, I’ve always understood that word-of-mouth referrals are incredibly important to my business. I knew there had to be a better way to track, evaluate and increase the effectiveness of my word-of-mouth referral marketing efforts. When I discovered SavvyCard, I realized I had finally found a tool designed specifically to help me do all of the above.


I started using SavvyCard for Seibert Insurance back in 2011. For many years now, SavvyCard has not only enabled me to grow my business, but it has given me much better visibility into the ROI I get on different events I do to promote my business. Not only is it a great new way to network and hand out business cards (which you never run out of, by the way), it’s a powerful lead tracking system, too.

Let me give you an example of how SavvyCard works for me in my day-to-day business. Let’s say I am at a networking event and meet Joan. Joan tells me she needs a plumber to fix a leak at her house. I just so happen to be prospecting a company that does plumbing and has a great reputation (and a SavvyCard) so I proceed to send Joan the SavvyCard of Prospect Plumber Inc.  Prospect Plumber Inc. receives a message that I just sent his SavvyCard to Joan as well as Joan’s contact information so he can follow up with her in real-time, which impresses Joan. Prospect Plumber Inc. also sees that Karyn Roeling from Seibert Insurance was the person who referred his company to Joan. And I get a notification that I facilitated this introduction.

I don’t know about you, but when someone refers me to another person or business, all I do is look for business I can refer them as a “Thank You’ for referring me. In addition to helping me by referring me to his contacts, Prospect Plumber Inc. will most likely ask me to write his business insurance because I promote and refer him, too.

All around, this is a win-win-win situation: Prospect Plumber, Inc. and I are actively working as salespeople to promote each other’s business, and we can see exactly what the other is doing, in real-time. We’re getting the contact info from each other for new referrals immediately so we can follow up quickly and impress these new prospect customers with our responsiveness. And, Joan is getting a pre-vetted and trusted vendor to help with her specific needs – a vendor who reaches out to her directly and who knows someone in common with her. This increases her confidence in this new vendor right off the bat and results in higher close rates (and better ROI) for the vendor.

And the best part? If Joan has a great experience and refers Prospect Plumber, Inc. to one of her friends using his SavvyCard, Prospect Plumber, Inc. is notified immediately that this share has taken place and gets all the new prospect’s contact information as well as information on who did the referral – in this case Joan – so he can reach out quickly to the new prospect and track that share BACK to me, Karyn Roeling. If Joan refers my business to a friend of hers by using my SavvyCard, I can track that referral back to the event I met Joan at. At any point, Prospect Plumber, Inc. and I can access our SavvyCard accounts and get a detailed reporting of all this information over the months we’ve been working together.

That is some seriously cool insight that helps my vendor partners and I gather laser-accurate ROI numbers on activities we do to promote our own companies, and each other’s, too. SavvyCard has helped my business grow because of situations just like this one.

Passing a SavvyCard not only has the “I’m technologically advanced” feel to it, it allows you to close more deals and to make insightful, informed decisions on where to increase your referral marketing efforts, and where to cut them. It’s referral marketing intelligence that hasn’t existed before, and I’ve used it to great effect for increasing the ROI on my promotional activities.

– Karyn Roeling, CPCU, CIC

To contact Karen with any insurance inquiries, please visit her SavvyCard.

SavvyRecipe for Success™ #4: Get More Customers by Integrating Your SavvyCard for Agents™ Mobile Web App with Other Marketing Channels

(Stress-free Multitasking? Yes Indeed!)

Craving more ways to win customers? Get a taste of SavvyRecipe for Success #4: Get More Customers by Integrating your SavvyCard® with Other Marketing Channels. You’ll be amazed how awesome your SavvyCard is at helping you sell property. Ready? Then let’s go!

Empower Your Current Marketing Efforts

Do you find that traditional advertising channels, like print (magazine and newspaper advertising), outdoor (for sale signs, billboards), online (websites) and others (direct mail/one-off promotions), come up short providing the quality leads you are looking for?

If so, integrate your SavvyCard into your current marketing efforts, and consistently drive more engagement with quality customers and motivate them to connect with you.

Follow these 4 simple steps to integrate your SavvyCard with other marketing channels:

  1. Integrate your SavvyCard Web address.
    When you activated your SavvyCard, a Web address for your card was provided automatically. Use that URL in all your print advertising and business cards to drive users to your SavvyCard. This provides leads with your most up-to-date contact information, and an MLS search that brings any requests or inquiries directly back to you. Your SavvyCard Web address will look like this:
    SavvyTip– If you have not yet activated your card, please call our friendly Customer Advocates to get activated today! (727) 502-6012.
  1. Integrate your SavvyCard mini card.
    You can create a mini version of your SavvyCard to embed on your Web site, in your email signature, and on your Social Media postings- so your brand is stamped on every interaction. The mini card provides basic contact information, and functioning just like your SavvyCard URL, it can be linked to drive customers to your SavvyCard itself. For detailed information on generating and embedding your SavvyCard mini card, ring up our super-friendly Customer Advocates at (727) 502-6012 who are always happy to help!
  1. Integrate SavvyCodes™.
    SavvyCodes are an optional upgrade to your SavvyCard account that associate “text-back codes” to your personal and Property SavvyCards™. Text back codes are associated with your personal SavvyCard so that users who text the code to a shortened phone number receive an automatic link to your SavvyCard or Property SavvyCard. (Try it here: text HOME to 72889.) An Agent SavvyCode can be integrated with any print materials you create, and Property SavvyCodes work great on signage associated with a listing, such as “For Sale” signs or billboards.

Incorporate SavvyCodes into your listing!

  1. Integrate your SavvyCard anywhere and everywhere!
    Your SavvyCard can act as a virtual “hub” for all of your marketing channels. By integrating your SavvyCard URL, Mini SavvyCards, and SavvyCodes, you can be sure that anyone who wants to reach out has the access needed to connect with you and your property listings.

Looking for Ideas?

Here’s how REALTOR® Tom Scaglione integrates SavvyCard into his traditional marketing Channels: (Tom’s Tips #13- How to Marketing Yourself Easily)


Need Help?

We are there with you every step of the way with all the personalized support you need. We can show you how to: use SavvyCodes, use property URLs, share your cards with clients and agents, and share Property SavvyCards instantaneously on the web, Social Media, referral and traditional advertising channels. For more information, just call our super-friendly customer advocates at (727) 502-6012.

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Stay tuned for the next SavvyRecipe for Success coming soon!

-Team SavvyCard