83 Degrees covers SavvyCards’ Recent Successes

83 Degrees is definitely the most interesting source of business, technology, and culture reporting in the Tampa Bay Area – and we’re not just saying that because they like to write about us. 83 Degrees writer Justine Benstead came to one of our Lunch and Learn events a few months ago, and has been paying attention since then. In her most recent article, Benstead covers a lot of what’s been going on with the company in recent months, including our $1.45M capital raise. Many thanks, Justine.

Need Help with your SavvyCard? Call Ruth, the Emerald Voice of SavvyLand.

A lot of tech companies keep their customers at arm’s length.

If you’ve ever tried to get support from Google or Facebook, you know what we’re talking about. Those companies are glad to direct you to support writeups, videos, and forums. Talking to an actual person is a lot more difficult.

We’ve got support videos and materials. But we’ve also got Ruth, and we think she’s a bit of an improvement.

SavvyCard's smashing Ruth

Our Phone Number is (727) 502-6012.

When you call with a question of any sort, we’ll connect you with our support staff. Maybe you’ll get the privilege of talking to Ruth, with her lovely Irish lilt.

Ruth O'Leary of SavvyCard at work

You see, Ruth just moved to the U.S. last year to help us get SavvyCard rolling with the MIAMI Association of Realtors. On top of phone support, she’s been providing hands-on trainings at MIAMI nearly every month.  Her inimitable County Cork accent will make your support experience that much better – and certainly, more fun than reading a help page.

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to talk to Ruth, you’ll still get a quick, helpful response from Aaron, Justin, or Nicolas (who’s from Peru, and isn’t too shabby in the accent department himself).

SavvyCard is about People – Ours, and Yours.

When you call SavvyCard, we’ll make sure you talk to someone who knows their stuff, because we want you to get the most out of our product, from mobile MLS search to email signatures to Property Cards.

Our support philosophy is just part of our bigger goal here at SavvyCard – to use mobile technology to help connect people. We believe that real connections don’t happen through Google searches and Facebook likes. Subscribing to someone’s news feed isn’t a relationship – a relationship is when you can call someone and talk.

Well, you can call us. You can call Ruth. And she’ll be happy to hear from you.

SavvyCard Nominated for TBTF “Emerging Technology Company of the Year”

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been nominated by our friends at Tampa Bay Wave for consideration as one of the Tampa Bay Technology Forum‘s Emerging Technology Companies of the year. The 2013 winner of the award was the cloud and infrastructure provider Peak 10, so we’re in pretty good company.

As you hear all the time at the Oscars, it’s an honor just to be nominated. But we’re willing to say what those gracious actors hardly ever do – that it would be an even bigger honor to win.

Fingers crossed!

David Etheredge on BizBuzz Florida Talk Radio.

Our C.E.O. David Etheredge was recently a guest on John Frazier’s BizBuzz Florida show, where he discussed the challenges and possibilities for startups in Florida, alongside Jake Filloramo of Tampa Bay Wave.

You can find the June 28th Episode Here. Scroll down the page a bit, and you can listen directly to David’s segment. David’s a heck of a talker, and he has a lot to say on these topics.


Send to Mobile: SavvyCard’s Newest Feature Helps Browsers Get a Move On

SavvyCard makes it easy connect on mobile – but what about the transition from desktop to mobile, like when someone researches a business on the web, then decides to go there? For most browsers, that still means writing an address on a scrap of paper or typing it into their phone.

SavvyCard’s new Send to Mobile feature streamlines that experience. With Send to Mobile integrated, web users who find you on their desktop can input their mobile number, and the matching SavvyCard will be sent to their smartphone.

For instance, you could have your desktop website send them your company SavvyCard, making it easier for browsers to get away from their desk and find your location.

Or if you’re a realtor, you could have a SavvyCard Property Card sent from a webpage featuring the same property, so that prospects who love a house can take vital information with them when they go see it. That’s what SavvyCard, in collaboration with our partners at ThinkTank, has done for Tampa Realtor Candace Courter – go check out her site. It’s really cool.

How Send to Mobile works

When they implement Send to Mobile, our designers place a “Send to Mobile” bug on your site, like this one for our clients at the financial services firm McLanathan, Burg & Associates:

SavvyCard Send to Mobile McLanathan Burg

When users click on it, they’ll see a popup inviting them to enter their number and name to receive the SavvyCard you’ve associated with the page.

SavvyCard Send to Mobile Messaging

Then they’ll receive a text message with a link to the associated Savvycard.

Send to Mobile Text Recieved

Then, they just have to open the link, and they can easily find, call, or email you or your office from their mobile.

SavvyCard Recieved through Send to Mobile

Send to Mobile Generates Leads

More than just helping customers keep in touch with you, Send to Mobile helps you stay in touch with them. That’s because Send to Mobile will record the contact information of people who request a mobile link to your website, so you can follow up and make sure they’ve gotten the help they need.

To find out how to get Send to Mobile for your website, contact sales@savvycard.com or call 727-502-6012.

Quadcopter Flyover of Downtown Tampa

Okay, we usually keep things pretty focused here, but we had to share this.

Quadcopters are a technology likely to be nearly as revolutionary as the smartphones that SavvyCard is tailored for. This video is a great example, giving us a totally new perspective on downtown Tampa. Very little of this would have been possible without drones.

Disclaimer: If you know much about drones and the law, you know that much of what this video shows is, under current law, illegal. We do not condone illicit drone flight.

Inman: Realtors want more Technology from Brokers and MLSs

Inman reports on a new survey showing that Realtors want more technology from brokers and MLS to help them sell. SavvyCard for Realty provides a completely different way to interact with MLSs, and brokers like Re/Max Metro are loving it. We’re working on providing the best possible mobile MLS experience, while we get the word out to more brokerages, which we hope can help satisfy all that pent-up demand for tech.

City of Temple Terrace Connecting to Citizens With SavvyCard

Government officials can seem distant from the citizens they serve – tucked away in offices, out of reach behind doors and desks. But the City of Temple Terrace, located just north of Tampa, is adopting SavvyCard to make sure its staff is in touch with the needs of their constituents.

SavvyCard has built an anchor card and staff directory that make it easy for citizens to learn about and connect with their city on their mobile devices. Each member of the city administration, from City Councilors to Fire Inspectors, will also have their own SavvyCard, which they share with the rest of the city in dozens of ways. Their new SavvyCards will make it intuitive and quick for users to call or email city staff from their smartphone or mobile device.

Temple Terrace Mayor Frank Chillura's SavvyCard

Temple Terrace Mayor Frank Chillura’s SavvyCard – click to see it in action!

“The core idea behind SavvyCard is making mobile fast and convenient for both users and organizations,” says SavvyCard CEO David Etheredge. “Using a desktop website on a smartphone is very difficult – that’s why 80% of users will just leave the page if it’s not mobile optimized. But at the same time, setting up a mobile website can be expensive and difficult for organizations. SavvyCard makes it cost-effective and fast for cities, or anyone else, to connect with constituents through their smartphones.”

To read more, head on over to our full press release.

David and Joe Split Pitching Duties. Both Throw Strikes.

David Etheredge and Team at Rays

Our CEO David Etheredge (Center) with Jack Kennedy of Kitedesk (far right) and other folks from Tampa Bay Wave and the Rays.

We’re stoked to announce that SavvyCard came out on top last night in a startup pitch contest in front of the management of the Tampa Bay Rays. Our investor pitch, honed over many months by our CEO David Etheredge, earned us a different kind of pitch – the honor of the making the ceremonial opening toss at last night’s game between the Rays and the Baltimore Orioles.

The only problem? We have two pitchers. David was ready to take the mound, but so was Joe Hamilton, our COO.  In the end, David revealed on Twitter that it came down to passion . . .

Hopefully we’ll have some pictures of Joe on the mound before too long.