Increase Trusted Referrals

Trusted Referrals are The Most Powerful Marketing Tool, Period. So Why Aren’t You Tracking and Leveraging Them?

Love_SavvyCard_ReferralsGreat networkers know which of their contacts are sending them great referrals, and they cultivate those connections to grow their businesses. Some companies use robust online referral systems like Ambassador to reward partners who refer new customers over the Internet and through their websites. That kind of focused effort can be a good online business booster, but it doesn’t apply to people who are offline and simply talking to other people – either on the phone, in an email or face-to-face – when making an actual referral. And as you know, that’s how lots of referrals actually happen.

SavvyCards have a built a referral tracking system that tracks these “word-of-mouth” referrals. When you give your SavvyCard to someone and show them how to forward it to someone else using the “Share” button, you are essentially handing them a referral tracking device. Every time anyone refers you using your SavvyCard, you’ll know who passed the referral, to whom they referred you, when they did it – and even why they shared your information. Armed with this information, you can reach back out to people who referred you to thank and reward them, ensuring they will continue to do so, and you can follow up in real-time with the people they referred you to so you can start building your relationship and increase the chances of converting them into a loyal customer.

Strengthen Your Connections with SavvyCard Analytics

Tracking your SavvyCard referrals is easy. First, log in to your SavvyCard account at (look for the “Log In” button to the far right). Then click on “Card Analytics” next to the card you’d like to track.

You’ll see something like this:


At the top, the Card Analytics page shows the total number of times your card has been shared. Then a table shows each individual share, with the name of the person who referred you, and the person who received the card. You’ll also see a “Top 5 Sharers” list, showing you how many times your card has been shared by each referrer in the last 30 days. This is a great way to quickly see who’s doing the most to get the word out about you.

Turn Referrals into Business

SavvyCard doesn’t automatically generate referrals – like any tool, you have to know how to use it. Here’s a simple but effective strategy.

1. Give all of your contacts your SavvyCard. Start with your most trusted supporters and loyal customers.

2. Teach them how to share it. Show them how simple it is to send your SavvyCard to other people via email, text and even by QR code reader. Explain that they can show other people how to share it, too.

3. Reward your referrers. First and foremost, be generous with referrals yourself. But you can also give them a more substantive reward – a discount, a bonus, compensation, or a free product: “I pay 10% back on the business that people refer to me.”

4. Show your generosity. Everywhere. A referral reward system only works when people know about it, right? Use your blog, email newsletter, and print literature to tell everyone that you want their referrals – and that you’ll reward them.

Savvycard’s referral tracking makes it a completely unique meeting point between the digital world and the power of meaningful, trusted referrals. Get out there and make the most of it!

Need a SavvyCard account? They’re free for general business users –


SavvyCard® Launches Space Coast Association of REALTORS® on its SavvyCard for Associations Pro™ Platform

SavvyCard for Associations Pro provides a suite of mobile tools for REALTORS®, their customers  and home service providers that helps facilitate referrals and boosts local business.

SavvyCard® today announced that it has launched its SavvyCard for Associations Pro™ product for the Space Coast Association of REALTORS® (SCAR) located in Melbourne, FL.

SavvyCard for Associations Pro is a suite of mobile-friendly websites, or “SavvyCards®”, that are auto-generated for an association’s REALTORS, affiliate businesses, and MLS listings. It was designed to facilitate new business among association members and increase non-dues revenue for the association.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 6.53.58 AM

REALTORS® and affiliates can use their SavvyCards to generate leads, track referrals, capture contact information, and market products and services online to consumers. Consumers can use SavvyCards to search for real estate agents, home service providers, and properties for sale.

REALTORS® and affiliates can use their SavvyCards to generate leads, track referrals, capture contact information, and market products and services online to consumers. Consumers can use SavvyCards to search for real estate agents, home service providers, and properties for sale.

The platform allows the association, brokerage, and individual agents to custom brand their SavvyCards, increasing online brand equity and strengthening direct relationships with consumers.

This marks the 4th real estate association in Florida to launch the SavvyCard for Associations product, and the 1st to deploy the Pro version, which includes interactive, consumer-friendly Property SavvyCards™ for every listing in the MLS. REALTORS® use Property SavvyCards to “crowd market” properties, as they are easily sharable on Social Media and can be tracked as they are shared from person-to-person.

SCAR’s decision to deploy a mobile software solution for its membership and local consumers is in response to increased competitive pressures from online technology companies whose software applications disrupt traditional relationships between consumers, real estate agents, and service providers.

“Traditionally, the role of connecting consumers, REALTORS®, and home service providers together has belonged to associations and brokerages,” states Leah Selig, CEO of Space Coast Association of REALTORS®. “In the last decade, we’ve worked hard to compete successfully against tech companies who are trying to remove associations and brokerages from the picture. We chose to work with SavvyCard because their platform offers a white labeled, end-to-end solution that provides significant value to buyers, sellers, agents, and service providers, and because their business model aligns with our goals. It’s a unique approach that leverages and strengthens the relationships that already exist, and benefits everyone involved.”

“Our agreement with Space Coast validates SavvyCard’s belief that tech companies which strive to align the interests of current stakeholders in the real estate industry will eventually win over those companies that seek to disrupt it,” states David Etheredge, CEO of SavvyCard. “SavvyCard’s products provide value to association and brokerage members while rewarding Real Estate organizations such as associations, brokerages, and multiple listing services fair compensation for the valuable consumer channel the industry has worked hard to build and maintain.”

SCAR will generate non-dues revenue from SavvyCard for Associations™ by revenue-sharing with SavvyCard on paid upgrades to user accounts and through deployment of the Find Services Directory. The Find Services Directory is an association-branded, searchable, mobile directory of local home service providers who pay to be listed and must pass a rigorous vetting process. REALTOR® members and participating providers distribute this directory to local buyers and sellers to help them find businesses for their real estate transaction and home improvement needs.

The SCAR Find Services Directory is currently taking space reservations from interested local service providers and will launch later this year.


About SavvyCard®:
SavvyCard is a SaaS platform that enables organizations and individuals to rapidly and inexpensively deploy mobile engagement tools and systems. SavvyCard’s proprietary platform enables the creation of branded mobile web apps so every brand, person, product, service, and cause can engage with consumers through any internet connected device – effectively, quickly and inexpensively. With SavvyCard, users can readily share and refer people, products, places, events, and services they love, and businesses can build and own direct relationships with their customers. For more information, visit our mobile web app at, our desktop website at, or call (727) 502-6012.

About Space Coast Association of REALTORS®
The Space Coast Association of REALTORS® is a professional trade association servicing Brevard County, Florida and has been providing services to the local REALTOR® community since 1959. Our membership of over 3,200 REALTORS® and Affiliate Members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in working with one another and the general public. When you work with one of our members, you have selected a professional that has pledged to uphold a commitment to the highest standards of ethics and practice. Selecting a REALTOR® member of the Space Coast Association of REALTORS® is peace of mind for the most important transactions of your life. For more information, visit

Careers @ SavvyCard: In Need of a Dynamic Marketing Communications Manager

At SavvyCard, we’re always looking for highly motivated, highly talented, super-awesome, energetic, happy, go-getters who want to live and enjoy the start-up life with a bunch of wacky & dedicated peeps!

Think you’ve got what it takes to fill the Marketing Communications Manager position? Then we want to hear from you! Email your resume and a cover letter to and let us know why we’d be silly to not consider you for this position.

SavvyCard – Marketing Communications Manager

You’ll love working at SavvyCard as our Marketing Communications Manager if:

  • You want a dynamic, fast-paced position that requires creative problem solving and a diverse skill set
  • You like rolling up your sleeves and working autonomously to achieve team and company goals
  • You are a mature and accountable professional who can track and report on your work’s effectiveness
  • You are energized by collaboration and team work in a fun, innovative environment
  • You want to be part of a quickly growing and promising technology startup
  • You are a proactive, organized and efficient professional with a demonstrated proficiency in MarComm competencies: branding/graphic design, digital communications, content marketing, public relations and data tracking/analysis

What You’ll Do at SavvyCard as a MarComm Manager:

Overall Responsibilities:

– Your major focus will be to help SavvyCard gain visibility and awareness with strategic user audiences

– You’ll work with SavvyCard’s Marketing Executive to co-author a bi-annual MarComm Plan. This plan will detail goals, messaging, deliverables, projects, vehicles and reporting methodology.

– You’ll work with peers across all departments to manage, execute and drive success of the MarComm Plan.

– You will report on your progress against goals in the MarComm plan in a bi-weekly presentation to company Executives.

– Budget responsibility

Branding & Graphic Design:

– Layout and produce brand and messaging guideline documentation for internal and 3rd party use; plan/execute internal training & ensure adherence

– Implement brand/messaging strategies across all mediums in SavvyCard’s markets; ensure brand guideline adherence

– Plan and produce materials for Marketing, PR and digital communications needs. These include traditional printed materials, display signage, advertisements, testimonial and “sizzle” videos, case studies, web graphics, supporting graphics and more.

– Support material needs for other departments (training, sales, etc.)

– Manage 3rd party vendors (printers, freelancers, etc.)

Public Relations:

– Author press releases and blog articles on a regular basis

– Schedule/manage distribution of press releases

– Built and maintain PR contact database for strategic media outlets

– Identify and present strategic PR opportunities to exec staff

– Schedule and coordinate SavvyCard events, including Tradeshows

– Manage 3rd party vendors (freelancers, PR firms, etc.)

Digital Communication:

– Author and maintain web content for SavvyCard’s corporate website and customer portals

– Create and maintain a campaign calendar, ensuring appropriate cross- channel communications cadence

– Manage digital campaigns, focusing on lead generation

– Support lead management between marketing and sales

– Report on campaign analytics, and use results to enhance future campaigns

– Manage social media freelancer for each campaign to successfully time social media channel with other comms channels

Content Marketing:

– Layout and produce Content Marketing Strategy document for internal use

– Implement Content Marketing strategies and insure campaigns adhere to brand guidelines

– Manage development of content for multiple vehicles including website, blog, collateral, presentations, email, advertising, white papers, case studies, etc.

What You’ll Need to Excel as SavvyCard’s MarComm Manager:

– 7-10 years Marketing Communications experience, preferably with a B2B Internet Technology background.

– Demonstrated success in Marketing Communications core competencies (be prepared with samples of your work, including campaign context and results)

– Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or related field.

– Demonstrated proficiency in graphic design and with graphic design tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and PowerPoint.

– Demonstrated proficiency with Adobe Video Editing tools

– Demonstrated writing ability. We’re looking for a creative storyteller with exceptional writing and language skills (this means you are a grammar snob, too).

– The ability to work collaboratively with other people and departments, listen to their needs, and translate them into successful communications strategies

– An unswerving commitment to your job, and a can-do attitude

– Experience hiring & managing junior resources a plus.

Why You Want to Work for SavvyCard:

As a member of the SavvyTeam, you’ll enjoy a close-knit, fun, open, energetic and creative atmosphere that promotes a great work/life balance. We work hard, yes, but like the old saying goes, we play hard, too, often engaging together in activities outside of work (like attending the famed First Friday celebration each month).

We are located in downtown St. Petersburg. Florida, a city that is quickly growing into one of the premiere tech hubs in the state. Our immediate area is full of fun and trendy restaurants, bars, retail stores, art galleries and music clubs and is next door to the University of Southern Florida campus in St. Pete. Many people compare St. Pete to Austin, Texas when it first began to blossom, as our locals also like to keep things “weird”. The cost of living in St. Pete is fairly benign compared to the rest of the country, and you can’t beat living near (or on) beaches consistently ranked amongst the world’s Top 10.

SavvyCard employees receive competitive pay and a great benefits package including medical, dental and vision. We are an equal opportunity employer who values diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.



Twitter: @SavvyCard

Careers @ SavvyCard: Seeking a Talented Front-End Developer

At SavvyCard, we’re always looking for highly motivated, highly talented, super-awesome, energetic, happy, go-getters who want to live and enjoy the start-up life with a bunch of wacky & dedicated peeps!

Think you’ve got what it takes to fill the Front-End Developer position? Then we want to hear from you! Email your resume and a cover letter to and let us know why we’d be silly to not consider you for this position.

Front-End Developer


SavvyCard is a St. Petersburg-based mobile technology startup offering web apps that help people and organizations connect to mobile users and build relationships, without downloads or accounts. With the goals of enhancing usability, functionality, and the aesthetics of our platform, SavvyCard is seeking an experienced UI developer.

The type of person we seek is “doer” – a person who can understand the business objectives of a given project, and design a system that is compelling and functional for the end-user. You will work closely with the SavvyCard development team to initiate, execute, and complete projects of high importance to the organization. User experience, reliable functionality, and aesthetics are at the heart of what you do – as is the delivery of clean, efficient and well-documented code.

In short, this is a high-performance role responsible for current product enhancement and new product development.


Knowledge and demonstrated application of best practices in:

● ReactJS or equivalent modern JavaScript framework

● Architecting efficient, single page web apps

● Consuming JSON APIs and understanding how they work

● HTML5, CSS3, and CSS frameworks

● Unit testing

● Object-oriented PHP using frameworks

● User experience, SEO, and browser compatibility

Preference will be given to candidates who have experience with, or who demonstrate the willingness to learn the following technologies:

● PHP, NodeJS and other server technologies

● Component based web architecture

● Build processes such Webpack and Gulp


● Demonstrates excellence in developing complex applications that meet or exceed expectations

● Minimum 3 years experience

● 3+ years experience in web application and software development experience

Need Help with your SavvyCard®? Call David, the Helpful Voice of SavvyLand

SavvyCard® Doesn’t Keep Their Customers at Arm’s Length

If you’ve ever tried to get support from a typical tech company, you’ve likely been lost in an automated voice prompt hell or gotten redirected to any number of online assets. You know what we’re talking about – companies are glad to direct you to voice mail boxes, support write-ups, videos and forums whenever you have a question. But try talking to an actual person and … well, let’s just say a snowball has a better chance of surviving a meteor strike than you have of getting a live person on the phone when you need them.

And that’s just not right. Here at SavvyCard, we’ll admit, we do have support videos and materials and such because some people are DIYers and like that sort of stuff. But we’ve also got David, and we think he’s a bit of an improvement over snowballs and meteors.

David’s Phone Number: (727) 502-6012

When you call SavvyCard with a question of any sort, we’ll connect you directly with our support staff. If you get the privilege of talking with David, you’ll understand what Great Customer Service really means.

You see, David is a self-professed “people person” who lives in St. Petersburg with his wife and kids, and chooses to spend his days helping SavvyCard users. Many of our users who call us are pleasantly surprised when they get through to him – first, they are amazed that they’re talking to a live person and second, they’re pleasantly surprised that unlike many other experiences they’ve had, David is super friendly and pleasant and really cares about them and their needs. If you ask any of the hundreds of folks he’s helped, they’ll tell you the same thing – his friendly personality and cordial demeanor will make your support experience that much better – and certainly, more fun than reading a help page.

Better yet, David isn’t the only one at SavvyCard who can get you a quick and helpful response. We have a number of other Customer Success Specialists who are just as brilliant as David when it comes to assisting our customers.

David enjoys helping SavvyCard users learn how to use SavvyCard to increase success. His background in marketing gives him a solid understanding of how the product can best provide value in any given business.

David enjoys helping SavvyCard users learn how to use SavvyCard to increase success. His background in marketing gives him a solid understanding of how the product can best provide value in any given business.

SavvyCard is About People – Ours, and Yours

When you call SavvyCard, we’ll make sure you talk to someone who knows their stuff, because we want you to get the most out of our product, from mobile MLS search to email signatures to Property SavvyCards.

Our support philosophy is just part of our bigger goal here at SavvyCard – to use mobile technology to help connect people. We believe real connections don’t happen through Google searches and Facebook likes. Subscribing to someone’s news feed isn’t a relationship – a relationship is when you can call them up and talk.

Well, you can call us anytime and you can call David about anything. He’ll be happy to hear from you.

Lunch is on us!

Let us buy you lunch! SavvyCard Lunch and Learns offer great opportunities to meet new people from all walks of life and different businesses. You never know who you may meet and when opportunity will knock!

Reserve your spot at the next Lunch & Learn on Tuesday 4/5 by emailing Space is filling up fast!Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.00.48 PM

Nerd Alert!

One of the many things we love about our Commander-In-Chief David Etheredge, is his dedication to comics and totally nerdy things. He digs both the Marvel & DC ‘verses, and is a huge fan of Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman and Superman, as well as The Justice League and X-Men. Additionally, he’s a fan of video games (EverQuest, Warcraft, Civilization and Warhammer Online being a few of his favorites over the years); table top games like Axis & Allies, Dungeons & Dragons and Smallworld; and card games like Magic the Gathering. He was a producer and designer of video games in the 80s and 90s, and when he has free time – which is rare but it does happen on occasion – he enjoys playing Rogue like titles.

David is looking forward to discussing his favorite pastimes and all the nerdy things on Tampa Bay Multimedia‘s upcoming show NerdTalk with John Gaston  on tomorrow- Wednesday, March 3rd at 6PM EST.

Stay tuned: Same bat time….Same bat channel!

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.57.44 PM

Lunch is on us!

Let us buy you lunch! SavvyCard Lunch and Learns offer great opportunities to meet new people from all walks of life and different businesses. You never know who you may meet and when opportunity will knock!

Reserve your spot at the next Lunch & Learn on Tuesday 3/1 by emailing Space is filling up fast!





Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.22.03 PM

Share the SavvyLove and Score $100 Starbucks Gift Card

At SavvyCard, we ADORE our users!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, share the #SavvyLove by telling us how SavvyCard helped you be successful in your business. We’ll give a $100 Starbucks gift card to the SavvyUser who tells the most compelling success story through the most engaging post or tweet! Get creative and have fun – photos and videos will help with the wow factor!

Simply share your story with us via email or on our Facebook and Twitter walls by using the hashtag #SavvyLove and remember to tag us @SavvyCard. Our SavvyTeam will pick The Winner on Friday, February 26th. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



And if you want to keep the Valentine’s Day love going, share your SavvyCard today via social media, email, text and QR Code to attract new customers (or friends)!

Here is a quick tutorial: How to share your SavvyCard with others. Don’t have a SavvyCard? Signup today for your own branded mobile website at